The Coyote

The coyote was a dream come true for an African kid full of talent, passion and zeal for design. Travelling thousands of miles to see this come to reality was blessing for me. I joined the Computer Animation class in summer of 2007 as a freshman, a sucker for knowledge and a stranger to Canada. My lecturer Jim, carefully took us through what it takes to come up with a 3D model and later on how to make it move.
It is a character in a short film called the Coyote, the film written and produced by me was part of a school project that required us to come up with a story from conception to completion. We were required to come up with a story, write a storyboard and thereafter model and animate it. This took me close to 6months since it was a solo project. I had many challenges but as time went by I overcame them and to this day, thanks to this first project; I can proudly say that my journey into 3D has only just begun. I am ready to take on any challenges in this field and I am hoping that one day I work my way into Hollywood.

One Comment on “The Coyote

  1. cool stuff, kinda reminds me of GTA san andreas….you’re doing a good thing pursuing your dreams! congrats Owen and keep it up 🙂

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