The Vase

This picture reminded me that a man’s character always takes its hue, more or less, from the form and color of things about him. Simply, if you do not know a person; please do not judge him by his color.

Anyway, I really enjoyed retouching this photo mainly because there was a lot of color hidden in it and it kept on giving birth to rich green and yellow. Secondly, I honestly did not like it and was actually planning to delete it. after working on this picture I came to a conclusion that a flash robs the picture of a lot of color that would have otherwise been showcased if it was off.

I took this photo at the lobby of my hotel during my recent vacation to Edmonton, Alberta. The second picture is the original, there is so much hidden in a simple picture. You be the judge.

The green balls

The grass balls 2

4 Comments on “The Vase

  1. Dude, like what you did with the processing. It did make the photo more interesting and gave it life. The composition aint bad too man. Keep up

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