First week of snow in Winnipeg November 23rd, 2010. Took this at approximately 6:30pm walking home from school.

The Legislature is located on 450 block Broadway, at the corner block of Broadway and Osborne St. N in Winnipeg. Built in 1914, the Legislative Building, principal among public buildings in the province, accommodates the legislative assembly, its committees and staff, as well as offices for the ministers and deputy ministers of all government departments.

The building is a priceless monument that Manitobans would be unlikely to reproduce today, because the craftspeople would be difficult to find and the cost would be prohibitive. The base of the building forms a letter H. The three floors contain an area of approximately 23,225 square metres (250,000 square feet). The top of the dome is 72 metres (240 feet) above ground level.

On the top is the Golden Boy (official name Eternal Youth[1]) statue is 5.25 metres (17.2 feet) tall from the toe to the top of the torch and 4.27 metres (14 feet) from head to toe. It weighs 1650 kg (3,640 lb), and the top of his torch is 77 metres (250 feet) above ground. It is perched facing North on the dome of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and it is arguably Manitoba’s best known symbol. Facts courtesy Manitoba Government Site.

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