A letter to E-sir

A special dedication to E-sir Mmari. E-sir was undoubtedly a champion in the Kenya music industry.

Until his death in 2003; he worked with Ogopa deejays and a string of other local artistes in his first and only album Nimefika. I personally believe that he had a lot to do with the development of the music industry in Kenya and therefore Africa as a whole. He also played a key role in allowing people who grew up in South C to be proud of their hood. Until this day, E-sir remains a respected artiste, an icon and a source of inspiration to many youths in Kenya.

I do not have much info about Nali but I respect my brother and soon to be friend(Pending Facebook request…lol.) Nali has analyzed his album from the first track to the last just to honor him. This is a “creative venture that only the few very talented can achieve.” He currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Big up Nali, am proud of this work. Keep it up, we’ve gotta get more from you son. R.I.P. E-sir, till we meet again.

Check out the video.

His official joint is titled WAPI and you can read more about it and get it’s lyrics on his YouTube page.

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