My Comrades

I think its funny how time really flies by. A whole semester gone and I don’t even know half of my classmates, what a shame. I hope none of them are offended by my shy nature. I feel that since they have been together for three years, they know each other too well.

On the brighter side, that will not deter me from bonding with them. This is a new year and one of my resolutions; which I really intend to keep is overcoming my shyness. I am really happy to get positive vibe and a lot of positive response from my comrades whenever I talk or ask them something. I begin to realize that talking to them is a lot easier than I thought. I am being encouraged to spend some time with them and feel even better when they ask questions about me or even ask me to join them in doing something.

Simple things like walking to Tim Hortons together and discussions on elevator rides are really paving the way for newer and better bonds. I must admit to liking this group as opposed to the more rigid one I had last year. Anyway, people are different, a fact that we all should accept. I have found out that keeping to myself reflects negatively on my work and that is not good at all. I want to create an atmosphere where we can discuss, share ideas and even propel each other to greater heights academically.

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