Target audience persona.

– 29 and a half-year old lady living alone in a condo on Waterfront Drive, Winnipeg MB.
– Works as a personal assistant for a very successful businessman and a part-time model.
– Has a good income.
– Has never bought anything second-hand.
– Handles a lot of long-term planning for her company.
– Drives a mid-sized sedan.
– Chiri has a wide variety of interests both professionally and personally.
– She is interested in books, modeling, magazines, art, design, interior decorating, traveling and staying fit.
– Loves to watch reality shows, comedies, soap operas and drama movies.
– Chiri is aware of social media tools like Twitter and Facebook and uses them a lot.
– She likes to lead the pack and make recommendations to friends and family.
– She spends her money on anything trendy and jumps at every new opportunity.
– She is very social and spends time with friends at the bar every now and then.

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