Public Art

The term public art properly refers to works of art in any media that has been planned and executed with the specific intention of being sited or staged in the physical public domain, usually outside and accessible to all. It is all about the inner expression, the only way some artists feel they can relay their message.

In a city where art is very popular and a part of everyday life, Chicago has got every piece of art you can think of right on their streets. From sculptures, monuments, memorials, murals, graffiti, reliefs, fountains, amenities at public places. According to the Chicago outdoor sculptures blog there is tons of work pumped out by artists. This particular blog concentrates on sculptures and their sculptors. It is impressive to note the amount of time and expertise put into this work.
The blog in turn gives them a platform to exhibit their work electronically. Also worth noting is that the city supports these artists by providing space for them to erect these artworks.

The Chicago Art Blog is another blog where artists get the opportunity to showcase their work. It also serves as a place where the artists can voice their grievances. For example, the city of Chicago complains that it spends almost $9 Million Dollars to paint over gang signs but in that process they also destroy countless works of street art that are ignorantly lumped in with gang graffiti. They have started a campaign known as the Approved Stencil Campaign that ensures that their artwork is not removed together with the unlawful graffiti in the streets.

All in all, I found that there is a great role played by the blogs. Not necessarily to everyone but the interested parties get a lot of insights from blogs and it is also an outlet for the blogger.

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