My social media policy

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1. Connecting: Tell me your name, how we know each other and if not why you want us to connect. Is it Business, Social or family relations?

2. Follow and add: If you send me a request, I reserve the right to follow you or add you only after I evaluate and I am satisfied that our connection is worth it.

3. Boundaries and safety: I would not have any boundaries as to who views what is on my profile as long as I do a proper screening before I add a friend, I am satisfied that they can view whatever they please. I will on the other hand carefully select what I post and add to my profile at any given time.

4. Signal to noise: I do not seek any particular social media experience. It is as open as can be.

5. Personal data and sharing: I would like to share any kind of beneficial ideologies, interests or professional goals.

6. Networking needs and uses: I use Facebook as a platform for sharing my work, ideas, voicing my thoughts and arguments and contributing to other people’s updates. Twitter on the other hand is a tool I use to connect to people at a more personal level.

7. Personal: If you feel that you would not like to share some information on you profile, do not post it at all.

8. My Profile: Feel free to comment on my posts, poke me, twit, re twit, mention, tag or suggest me to a friend at any given time.

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