Kenya We Pray -The Song

This is one piece of mad art work. A song that really invokes unity and in itself, a call for peace and a better democracy in Kenya. I am so proud to be Kenyan right now, not that I wasn’t but I guess the youth have taken a big step in the right direction.
This is a collaboration from Kenya’s best musicians, top shelf, the likes of Juliani, Frasha, DNA, Collo, Joey, Juacali and Angie. My favourite line in this piece is from Collo, and it says …”Kumbuka kuwa uzalendo sio kipande” loosely translated as, patriotism is not defined by your ID card.” …indeed, King wa Rap. Listen to this song and tell me what you think, I am so emotional right now. Just loving it.
Big up to the Feb28 initiative, Bernsoft and the Artistes above. Good Job!! Mzukaflani like this.

Produced & Sponsored by Bernsoft
Kenya We Pray – The Song

Listen to the track HERE

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