Wyre ft Cecile – She say dat(Remix)

Cecile just landed in Nairobi, Kenya a few minutes ago and this remix just played on the radio for the first time. My words cannot describe the life Cecile has brought to this remix. I think it needed that female touch and who better than Cecile to grace the track with her super vocals.

I can confidently say that the track will be a big tune for the rest of the year and I can’t wait to play it in my next show on March 11th, 2011 at Dylans on Pembina.

Without saying a lot. Please listen and leave me a comment.

You can download the track HERE.

7 Comments on “Wyre ft Cecile – She say dat(Remix)

  1. cant describe it……… Major blast… @ Katts wewe ( insert punch here) 🙂

  2. Terry, waaah gwaan. It had a debut here on my show and its killing the Jamaicans around here. A big tune.
    @ Tweetie, you know what it is. No words can adequately describe that tune.

  3. Dis is truly a big tune by dem Wyre ft Bad’Gyal_Cecile.Me truly luv dis Wyre U n DA’BADGYAL rock.BLAZE IT!

  4. when i try to download it is saying i may not have permission to access the folder. could you please help. thanks

    P.S. BiG tuneee

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