Studio Sessions

In the studio with Bounce Entertainment mix sessions. Shot with the GalaxSII

Silali – Ally B ft. Size 8

Considering that I haven’t been sleeping lately. This is a good explanation, I love my budding relationship. Things are looking up more than ever.

Uskonde – P-Unit ft. Gaza

Off their album “Wagenge hao” here is P-Unit with another Big Ideas film by Willie Owusu. Uskonde is a general encouragement and a plea at the same time.

Juliani ft. Jaya – Bahasha ya Ocampo

Talking about Socia Awareness, Social Justice, Climate change, empowering the youth, spiritual nourishment, He addresses them all. There is a lot I can say a lot about my favourite rapper JULIANI but I will let the song speak for itself. After my interview I will be doing a special on him here at “Juliani to de World.” Find him on Facebook and Twitter….

Mmh Baba – Kris

Lovely track, period. I promise that once the intro is done, you will be nodding your head with me. The track is bumping, nostalgic and without a doubt leaves you wondering why you are not dancing and if you are, why your friends don’t know about this wonderful track. The “Ndauo” Maasai swag is on point, …priceless and he’s got this flow that stands…

Kenya We Pray -The Song

This is one piece of mad art work. A song that really invokes unity and in itself, a call for peace and a better democracy in Kenya. I am so proud to be Kenyan right now, not that I wasn’t but I guess the youth have taken a big step in the right direction. This is a collaboration from Kenya’s best musicians, top shelf,…