My Comrades

I think its funny how time really flies by. A whole semester gone and I don’t even know half of my classmates, what a shame. I hope none of them are offended by my shy nature. I feel that since they have been together for three years, they know each other too well. On the brighter side, that will not deter me from bonding…


I have been black and blue in some spot, somewhere, almost all my life from too-intimate contacts with my own furniture. – Frank Lloyd Wright

University of Manitoba – Admin building.

University of Manitoba is western Canada’s first university. Founded more than 130 years ago and located in the heart of the country, it is the region’s largest and only research intensive university in excess of 90 degrees, diplomas, and certificates – more than 60 at the undergraduate level including professional disciplines such as medicine, law, and engineering. Well, that’s not why I put these…

Edmonton Light Rail Transit

Its amazing, simply amazing. This was taken during my recent-short lived visit to Edmonton. This is the Light Rail Transit and the vehicle(109St.W) bridges that run across the Saskatchewan river connecting the south side Edmonton and downtown. Auto camera settings, clearly am nowhere near a professional photographer but I can surely work my way on Photoshop. Enjoy!

The Coyote

The coyote was a dream come true for an African kid full of talent, passion and zeal for design. Travelling thousands of miles to see this come to reality was blessing for me. I joined the Computer Animation class in summer of 2007 as a freshman, a sucker for knowledge and a stranger to Canada. My lecturer Jim, carefully took us through what it…