This is so far my favorite piece. I had to start with this one for the obvious reasons of patriotism and honor. This hoodies are readily available for shipping anywhere in the world. There are two different ones. The heavier ones are $80.00 and the lighter ones are $50.00. Email me to order owenfox@live.ca , we’re currently working on a website that will allow everyone to shop online. See more stuff HERE

Foxus Clothing Co.

Order now; owenfox@live.ca

Leso Dresses(Halfrican)

Since their arrival earlier on this summer, the latest line from Foxus Clothing has been like cake to a fat kid for the ladies. They love them and for that reason the first birch came in and was all sold out so I could not take photos of them. Thanks to my assistants in Kenya(Mum and Beth) we have been able to get some more for everyone before summer claps. Get yourself one, send me an email: owenfox@live.ca or visit our facebook page for more selections.

These particular designs are only available in Kenya, Canada and the US @ $40.00 and the shipment is free.

Thank you.

Also in my clothing page check them out!!

Foxus Clothing Co.

Who Are We?
The best. And we are getting better every day.
We combine our unique personalities, talents and skills to achieve a singular vision to inspire, influence, excite and evoke feelings and actions in people who would have otherwise gone unexplored. We work tirelessly to achieve the objectives our clients set before us in ways that go beyond what is expected of us.

What do we do?
What others can’t. Foxus Clothing Co. specializes in t-shirt designs and general graphic design…these are the things that everyone can do but very few can achieve with the vision, strategy and heart that we do. We see our clients requests from conception to final delivery and care for them as if they were our own. We take the personal stake in the work we do because we are sharing part of us in every project. Emerging as a fast learner in the design industry, Foxus Clothing Co. is known to seduce your feelings and elevate you to our symbolic world.