Shutter Priority

I took this photos as an experiment using the Canon Rebel T2i with a tripod on a calm winter evening on Portage Avenue. I was really impressed by the outcome, I can happily say that I am loving this and hope to master the art.
It is simple when using shutter priority, we need to keep in mind the amount of light available as well as any possible motion from the subject. Slow shutter speeds may allow for a good exposure in low-light situations, but subjects may be blurred if they move.


Who influences you? Why do you get influene and what do you make of the influence? I thought this would be great to share with ya’ll as I sit here in class reducing my stupidity(directly translated from an influential language). My lecturer brought this video to my attention and I thought it would be the greatest thing this week.

Looking back at my life, not way back but all the same my life in general. I have had lots of influences from all over the place but the question that has always lingered is; Why? Why do I get influenced and what do I do with the influence?

On the flip side, who are these people that influence me and what is it about them that makes them influential? What is an influence? Watch this INFLUENCERS DOCUMENTARY and be your own judge.

Keep it Mzuka, or as my Swahili people would say,… “Mambo Mzuka”

This mix tape is done by Baptman, a French Musician, beatmaker, arranger and remixer. He is a SOUND artist who works primarily with vinyls using texture as the primary basis of his music.


I have been black and blue in some spot, somewhere, almost all my life from too-intimate contacts with my own furniture.
– Frank Lloyd Wright

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