iScout: Mercedes Benz

Like I mentioned in my earlier iScout post, I will be sharing with you everything that I have. I have been having fun scouting for Mercedes Benzes which have literally had me stopping everywhere, in parkades, shopping malls and on the streets just to take a shot. Here are some I took in Toronto and Mississauga.iScoutCollection1


iScout: Mercedes Benz

I ┬árecently declared myself a scout for Mercedes Benz Canada, for the love of the car and appreciation of its metamorphosis over the years. This reminded me of my youthful days as a scout, the hikes and camps we went on. The hard work we put in just to earn badges, the service and goodwill we did in the name of scouting. That was then, anyway… This particular post features the grill of the newer models. Stay tuned for more iScout Benz photos coming soon.

Shot with a Samsung Galaxy SII.

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